Models: Karina Rovira, Sepehr Mokhtarzadeh //
Photography Assistant: Molly Zacher


This zine addresses the correlation between plastic pollution and fast fashion. A problem that is part of everyone’s daily life, yet hardly recognized as such. Plastic is a useful and practical material but its short term benefits can cause widespread damage to the environment and its wildlife and human population. Similarly, fast fashion is highly acclaimed by consumer culture, however, this trend and “successful” business model generates an unprecedented amount of waste and negative effects in the environment.

In order to express my concerns in this subject, I created a fashion collection that combines my own handmade pieces with altered clothes from a thrift shop. The exercise of creating couture pieces using mass-produced materials such as plastic, cotton, nylon, and silk, and the conscious process of intervention were necessary for me to pose the following question: Is plastic really disposable? Most of all, is it really indispensable? 

Clothes_3 copy.jpg